When you engage L-One Design’s services, Ms. Arolat will welcome you and take you through a process of exploring and discovering your needs and preferences for your space. She wants to know how you live, what you like, how you utilize the space.

The first in-depth meeting will yield a concept design presentation based on extensive research, planning and special concepts, to be presented during the second meeting. Once you approve the concept, Ms. Arolat will proceed with the designs themselves.

For the design phase, Ms. Arolat will prepare the technical, schematic designs, layouts, 3D images, and realistic renderings of colors, textures, features, furniture, and any architectural modifications to accommodate your needs.

When the overall look and feel is agreed upon, Ms. Arolat will proceed with the furniture design, lighting schemes, window treatments, selection of accessories and detail pieces, and all other items that will be a part of the room.

She has also designed custom bed linens, towels and candles for commercial clients who wish to offer their customers a truly unique and exclusive brand experience.

Ms. Arolat will coordinate with her network of fine craftspeople and suppliers to ensure maximum efficiency as the space is transformed into the new design. Throughout the iterative process, she will ensure that you are kept fully apprised of the progress and engage with you around key design decisions.

L-One Design operates transparently, detailing every purchase made on our clients’ behalf. We are pleased to share our industry discounts with our clients directly as well, to offer the best possible value for our design services.


L-One Design offers a range of services, including

Comprehensive design and implementation for single rooms, full residence, commercial spaces, restaurants and hotels.

Design consultancy for unique or prospective projects.

Hourly consultancies for concepts or small spaces

Please contact L-One Design to discuss your specific needs and ideas.