About Elvan Arolat

Ms. Arolat comes from a family of architects. Born in Turkey, Ms. Arolat’s mother, father and brother, Emre Arolat are accomplished architects. Her greatest inspiration is her mother Saziment Sayilgan Arolat, who is a pioneer for women in architecture in Turkey.

By entering the field of interior design, Ms. Arolat built upon her exposure and experience to the disciplines that comprise the work of an architect — engineering, physics, geometry, drawing – and took them to an even more artistic plane.

Her degree in hotel and restaurant management provided her with a solid and practical grounding in business and hospitality. She went on to study interior design at the Parsons New School for Design in Paris and New York, where she further honed her skills in the human and artistic aspects of interior design, as well as the technical tools needed to transform a concept into a reality.

Ms. Arolat has worked on a wide range of residential projects, from pieds–à–terre in Manhattan and private villas in Turkey to every space and room in several luxury hotels. Leveraging her background in restaurant and hotel management, Ms. Arolat has also created the interiors for several restaurants in New York and Istanbul.

She has completed designs for multiple world-class hotels. These projects included full hotel interiors,: the lobby and reception areas, as well as hotel bars and restaurants, spas and saunas, outdoor spaces and pools, and every detail inside individual guest rooms. She also designed the interface between the hotel lobby and a premium retail concourse to create a seamless experience for hotel guests and shoppers alike. Two of her most recent projects are the spectacular Hilton Museum Hotel in Antioch, Turkey, the St. Regis Hotel in Maçka, Istanbul, and the Palmarina Bungalows in Yalikavak-Bodrum, Turkey.

Ms. Arolat’s influences come from countless sources. Walks through New York City. Museum visits with her daughter. Dinner discussions with her brother and father. Nature around the world, sunsets, water, forests. Color. And people, whomever she encounters, from lifelong friends to strangers in the city streets.

About L-One Design

Inside the spaces designed by Elvan Arolat, Founder and Owner of L-One Design, you will find beauty, simplicity and timelessness.

Applying art with engineering, vision with focus to her design process, Ms. Arolat believes that it takes research, analysis, creativity and, above all, communications to create an environment that is right for the people in it.

Ms. Arolat gathers her clients’ vision and desires for their space and infuses those ideas into the overall design concept. She considers a space within its larger context. Local history, nearby architecture, the people in the vicinity – all of these aspects are critical elements in the L-One design process. Each space must be relevant within its larger milieu in order to project a true sense of comfort and place.

From a pied-a-terre in Manhattan or a private villa and luxury hotels in Turkey, Ms. Arolat seeks to create a sensibility that is natural, clean and relaxing. She addresses the senses through texture, lighting, and engagement with the environment.

At the same time, Ms. Arolat understands her clients’ everyday needs and the role of practicality in any living space, whether a home or a hotel. Her designs reflect sensible and inventive ways to maximize a space and its potential for comfort, aesthetics and the requirements of daily life.

“Interior design must be about the client, not about the designer. Yet the design reflects my experience, my knowledge, my training, my wisdom. It is my own Utopic Challenge to create a unique and wonderful place where my clients can live their lives and simply be.”

~Elvan Arolat, Interior Designer, L-One Design